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Saturday, May 7, 2011

miss A’s Suzy is the strongest female idol on KBS 2TV’s “100 Points Out of 100″

miss A’s Suzy has proven herself to be the ‘Female.

Hercules’ after showing her unexpected strength in an arm wrestling contest on this week’s KBS 2TV’s “100 Points Out of 100″.
On the show, Suzy paired up with SISTAR’s Bora, Soyu, and Hwa Young to form the ‘Jeolla-Jeju’ team, and after a round of battles against various female idol stars, Suzy managed to take the 1st place spot for the strongest female idol.
Suzy’s first two victims were T-ara’s Soyeon and Brave Girls’ Eunyoung, who she managed to K.O in a breeze with an effortless cocking motion of her wrist. After consecutive wins against other female idol singers, Suzy’s castmates were quick to give her the new nickname, “Giant Baby”.
Once the show ended, netizens made comments about Suzy’s strength such as, “Suzy, the new female Hercules’”, “Not only is her face pretty, but she’s strong too?”, and “She’s beautiful even when she’s arm wrestling.”

Miss A to model for Les More

JYP Entertainment’s latest hit girl group, miss A, will be promoting and modeling for footwear multi-shop, Les More!
Les More isn’t a specific footwear brand, but is actually a shop that caters to many big brand name shoes like, NikeCrocsConverse and more.
miss A’s rep said, “All of the members of miss A are different individuals and they’re a group that has dynamic variety, combined with powerful charisma. We believe that they are similar to the variety of the multi-shop Les More and so we have agreed to promote it.
The girls of miss A apparently showed off their fashionista sides during the photoshoot, as each member posed and flaunted what their momma gave them as they teased the products with their dynamite bodies.
Who said it was a smart idea to use such a beautiful set of girls to advertise shoes, especially when we’ll all be busy staring at… everything other than their feet. 
Les More will be unveiling a CF some time this month featuring miss A.